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PR Services

Our public relations specialist team represent a variety of clients including celebrities, TV personalities, influencers, musicians, venues,

film companies, restaurants, fashion designers, new technology and apps, charities, startups, businesses and brands. Specializing in celebrity endorsements, product placement, brand communications, event planning and media strategy for the entertainment and lifestyle industries.  Our team are dedicated to exceeding expectations and achieving continuously fantastic results for every project and client. 

Being present for over 20 years at the Cannes Film Festival, our PR team has numerous Hollywood stars as clients and has organized some

most prestigious events, including Sundance Film Festival’s HBO party, BritWeek, as well as The Golden Globes Interview Magazine events

and can maximise your experience of the Cannes Film Festival.  

Utilize their extensive database of press from around the world to ensure strategic press activations to suit your project's needs.

Build on pre-existing and long-standing relationships with celebrities and industry executives, coordinating and linking to your project

needs and servicing possible future co-productions.

Key point staff members of WENN and Getty are in Cannes to cover the festival, ensuring we have photographers as needed.


Services Include:

Full event production from start to finish, including a curated guest list of attendees such as celebrities, studio executives, VIP producers, investors, and other key film industry influencers.

Optimum attendance of key tastemakers, celebrities and cutting-edge industry leaders, staffing and coordination of press at the events.

Handling all press: on site event press, national press, international press, pre-event press outreach, post-event press follow-ups and offering strategic editorial content creation.

Pre-event and post-event press releases sent out to gain maximum coverage and recognition in the public eye.

Introductions to all guests at the event with arrangements of follow-up meetings during the Cannes Film Festival.

Meetings organised and diaries arranged on a day-to-day basis to ensure the most is gained from time scheduling.

Access to any possible and relevant events for attending principles during the Film Festival.

Utilising sponsorship opportunities with brands to give premium products to guests.

Our PR team will invite both US and International press to cover the event.  They have both the official media list from the

Cannes Film Festival as well as their own list of media built up over 20 years of Cannes and public relations, both in the US and Europe.


Press examples:

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