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Furnishings can add the finishing touches to any event and transform a plain venue into something quite stunning!


Working with the leading suppliers of high quality furniture and decoration we can supply basic furnishings and decoration from tables and chairs to more sumptious items such as sofas, thrones, red carpets, statues, fountains and props.   


Here is just a small list of items available for hire, however we have a huge array so please contact us for more information:-


- Tables

- Chairs

- Seating (sofas, armchairs, poufs, stools, benches, thrones etc.)

- Linens

- Cutlery

- Glassware

- Red Carpets

- Bars

- DJ Booths

- Podiums, Dancefloors, Stages

- Candleabras & Chandeliers

- Lamps

- Statues

- Fountains

- Champagne & Ice Buckets

- Giant Vases

- Themed Props

- Walls & Backdrops

- Rope Barriers

- Curtains & Structure


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